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Black Armor manufactures Double Barrel Horizontal Debris Catchers available in 5 and 10 valve models. The compact design allows for easy transport and manoeuver onsite.

End fitting support comes standard on all debris catcher manifolds to make for easier and safer screen changes. Flow through design allows for rig-in to blow down tank for easy cleanout if facilities exist. Designed to have minimal pressure drop across screen up to 85% screen capacity. All internal components have Black Armor treatment for protection against erosion and corrosion. Slide mechanism is black powder coated for a durable finish, even after repeated use.


Debris Catcher

Part NumberDescriptionNSCWPService
100-04-1603" Fig 1502 Horizontal Debris Catcher 10k Sour10,000Sour
100-04-167 3" Fig 1502 Horizontal Debris Catcher 5 Valve Manifold 10k Sour10,000Sour
100-04-2853" Fig 1502 Horizontal Debris Catcher 10 Valve Manifold 10k Sour10,000Sour
100-04-273Debris Catcher Screen Removal Tool--

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Debris Catcher

Black Armor Flow Control Debris Catcher

Black Armor provides premium Flow Control products for customers around the world. Our quality, Canadian-made products provide cost-effective long term solutions.

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Black Armor provides high quality flow control products engineered and built in North America. We deliver products that will outperform in the most harsh pressure control environments.

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